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smart glass

smart glass
smart glasssmart glasssmart glasssmart glasssmart glass
FOB Price

US $320.0010 - 100 square meter

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smart glass
Min Order
10 square meter
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Shanghai, Ningbo
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Acceptable payment methods
T/T, L/C, Westem Union
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Wed, 15 Oct 2014 20:23:29 GMT


  • pdlc film color white, grey

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order10 square meter


switchable smart glass is laminated glass with smart PDLC film and EVA/PVB film in between two pieces float glass.


switchable smart glass is laminated glass with smart PDLC film and EVA/PVB film in between two pieces float glass.               

switchable smart glass is laminated glass with smart PDLC film and EVA/PVB film in between two pieces float glass, it also have same function as smart PDLC film that when power on it is transparent, when power off it is opaque, and the transmittance of the smart glass can be controlled by electrical switching. They also have a function of the real projection screen.


Many colors for switchable smart glass High transmission Stable quality with competitive price

Features and advantages for switchable smart glass :

  • Transmits only 48% of visible light when in the switched off translucent state, very high opacity.
  • Transmits 76% of visible light in the switched on transparent state, very high light transmission
  • Vary voltage supply controls the light transmission level.
  • Flat-screen rear projection.
  • Vanlong smart glass has been designed and tested for internal applications.
  • It is advisable to use a combination of clear and grey tinted glass for projection. Enhances the clarity of projection
  • Special care and instructions are required during framing and electrical installation of the product.
  • In its transparent state a degree of haze is still apparent. It is recommended that a sample product should be viewed and the performance data be viewed.

VL-Switchable samrt glass Sizes and thickness

Smart Glass Size

Smart Glass original panel

Smart glass overall thickness

Max size 1.55*3.2 meter

Min Size 200*300mm

Clear float glass, tinted glass, curved glass, tempered glass.

4+1+4 (9mm)

5+1+5 (11mm)

6+1+6 (13mm)

8+1+8 (17mm)

VL-Smart Glass Specification:



Operating voltage


Operating Frequency

50 ~ 60HZ


70mA/ m2

Power Consumption


Sunlight transmittance

72% on 10% off


2% on   80% off

Viewing angle

130 0

UV blocking


Switching time

3 million times switch on and off

VL-Smart Glass Application:

  • Hospitality – Hotel room privacy screen, bathroom or bedroom privacy screen, external windows, doors, conference center windows and roof-lights, Bar & Restaurant screens, Toilet cubicles, balustrades and balconies.
  • Commercial – Office partition screens, doors and windows, roof-lights.
  • Healthcare – Sheer easily cleaned surfaces that allow patient privacy and dignity at the flick of a switch. Fire rated hospital doors, Moveable privacy screens, and X-ray protection screens.
  • Security – Cell doors and windows, vision panels, entrance foyer, teller and cash counting screens.
  • Industrial – Machinery screening, roof-lights, doors, components.
  • Rail – Driver privacy and security screens.
  • Showroom – Projection windows, vanity screens, feature screens.
  • Projection – Internal or external high resolution rear projection screens